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    We have experience in both
    commercial and residential projects.
    Currently servicing Southern
    California and Nevada.
    We do small and large projects
    from design to finish.
  • Residential Construction
    We offer design-build, general
    contracting, construction
    management, and energy
    consulting services.
    New construction, renovations
    and project management.
  • Commercial Construction Commercial Construction
    Experienced in building retail,
    manufacturing, industrial,
    processing, and distribution
    facilities in Southern California
    and Nevada.
    We work on small and large projects.
  • Energy Consulting
    We have the latest green technology
    to ensure low energy cost.
    From solar panels to
    go-green products.

RGS Energy Solutions

From Solar Panels to Go-Green Products

We work with the latest environmental friendly products and technology to ensure low energy cost.

We promote the use of solar energy and go-green products. Our team is hand selected with years of experience and education.

Sample project done this year:

Engineers, professional solar consultants customer service professionals and Installation teams all work together with one goal in mind; to have the homeowner make the transition to solar an investment choice the family will appreciate for the many years to come.

From the initial contact, it begins the process of assessing and forming proposals for the most efficient, money saving energy system available.

For more information on solar energy you may visit our partner website Sun Capital Solar.


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Robert Gonzalez
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